“People a lot of times talk about what causes aging. That’s probably the wrong question. The question should be where’s the most effective point of intervention? Where can we really get big bang for our buck? The answer probably is telomeres. We can reset the entire structure.” – Michael Fossel, M.D.

Scientific research has discovered that the primary cause of aging is shortening telomeres – the protective caps at the the end of DNA . Telomerase activation allows for the lengthening of critically short telomeres.

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Telomerase is an enzyme that can add DNA repeats to chromosomes and actually grow back telomere length. And now, you can activate your body’s own natural telomerase with TA-65®, the world’s first proven telomerase activator!

Below are comments from our clients who have used TA-65®.

Some of these results are atypical. Individual results may vary.

“Last weekend I finished in 11th place overall out of 72 runners in a 100 mile ultramarathon. That’s the best placing I ever had. Surprisingly, I had no pains whatsoever after the race. I felt like I had done just a typical afternoon jog.
I am a Telomere Biologist, and I understand how important a telomerase activator could be in countering the aging process, but I don’t understand the mechanism of how lengthening telomeres would give me this sudden success in running. Maybe TA-65 does more than just lengthen telomeres.”

Bill Andrews, PhD 56

“In only 3 months my cardio age went from 64 to 52.
My pulmonary age went from 52 to 39. My eye doctor says he’s never seen the accommodition reserve increase in someone my age it always goes down with time.
He wanted to change the prescription for my contact lenses but I told him to wait because it’s only going to get better.”

Bill Turon, 64

“My telomeres got longer by 100 base pairs at 3 months and an additional 100 base pairs at 6 months. ”
Bob Waskom, 69

“I was already a competitive athlete when I began the Patton Protocol. My regular 30-mile bike ride- with a 4000 foot climb- took me 2 hours and 20 minutes. After 3 months on TA-65 it went down to 2 hours. And, by the way, my skin is more supple. My skin elasticity, as measured by a Cutometer, improved.”
Shelby Blackburn, 45