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Life Length on ABC World News With Diane Sawyer, May 16th 2011
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on TA-65, telomeres and telomerase

CBS News on Telomeres with Dr Ed Park
“The Fountain of Youth in a Tiny Capsule?” – TA-65

CBS 2 — Is There A Secret To Eternal Youth?
We all want to stay healthy and keep looking youthful as we age. For centuries, different products have promised to stop the clock on the aging process.

CNN News
Harvard scientists partially reverse aging in mice by altering an enzyme that prevents the break down of chromosomes.

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Suzanne Somers discusses cell rejuvenation through TA-65 and her new book, Bombshell, on Fox & Friends. For many, the thought of aging can be scary, but according to Suzanne Somers, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Usa Today
Can a supplement boost immunity, slow aging? A new study out this week suggests a dietary supplement from a Chinese plant may create changes on the ends of our chromosomes that help keep DNA intact, possibly boosting the immune system.

Carol Greider
Carol Greider, Ph.D., was awarded the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences.

TA-65 Featured in Suzanne Somers’ New Book
TA-65 Featured in Suzanne Somers’ New Book, Bombshell: Explosive Medical Secrets That Will Redefine Aging.

María Blasco
Keeping a cap on cancer and aging Blasco is at the forefront of research on the function of telomeres in cancer and aging.

Discover Magazine
The first drug targeting telomeres, now sold as a nutritional supplement, will soon face the light of peer review.Magazine

Rejuvenation Research
A natural product telomerase activator as part of a health.

Elle magazine
More quickly than anyone imagined, Nobel Prize winning research is yielding promising compounds for fighting the inevitability of aging at the most fundamental cellular level. By Joseph Hooper.

Nobel prize winning discovery
Secret formula may be key to reverse aging. An extract from a Chinese plant called Astragalus is being touted as a potential key to solving the mystery of aging. It is sold in bottles of 90 pills under the formula name TA-65.

The Guardian
Harvard scientists reverse the ageing process in mice – now for humans.